Client Recruitment Solutions

Permanent Placement

With our pervasive regional and global arrangements and fully digitalised sourcing approach our network of recruiting professional use instructive and client-specific strategies to find right-fit talent for your corporation’s culture and business needs. Competition for outstanding talent is intense. That’s why we audit the tendencies, such as workforce mobility, and assure we have the latest systems in place to grant us to source and match the appropriate people to the suitable roles. At the same time, our modernized delivery reduces expenses related with recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding and training. The result? More prompt output, enrichment and greater ROI.

Temporary Staffing

As AGRON Consult we are a one-stop-shop to our clients and therefore our main target is to expand the economical benefits of selecting work force on a temporary basis. After all, it grants institutions to answer promptly to demand, having the appropriate people to the suitable roles to meet short-term business necessity. With our broad network in the industry, we can deliver temporary staffing solutions at regional, national and multi-national levels for almost every sector, containing specialist industries.
With our temporary-to-permanent contracting resolution, you can monitor an applicant in action, and evolve a true perseption of his or her skills and ability to perform. Then, only profitable candidates progress to permanent employment status.

Onsite Management

If you want us onsite, we’ll be there, bringing our competence to your work environment. From primary hiring through to workforce, supplier and technology management, operational reporting and talent retention, our business will become yours. We will reflect your brand, your culture, your values. With minimum interruption, yet maximum results.

Fitted Packages

We are also happy to deliver fitted packages based on a contract for services and cover a broad field of solutions in this area, from the translation of technical documentation to the advancement of in-house applications. It is therefore not necessary to search for several suppliers and to assign individual project parts under temporal and financial risk separately to each of these third parties. AGRON Consult makes sure everything is a one stop shop for our clients and they can benefit 100% of our broad network and deep knowledge.

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