Corporate Senior Management Coaching

Coaching of senior management provides a personalised development experience that can produce a step change in their leadership effectiveness. Rather than focusing on what the executive must learn or develop, coaching focuses on the issues they face in their daily work, as they are facing them, with the coach providing insightful analysis and supportive guidance in how to deal with these. Executive coaching differs from standard training methods in that it draws upon knowledge of the leader’s personality, thinking and leadership style, combining these with the technical skills of understanding organisational problems and how to influence people, to produce customised solutions that the executive will put into action immediately.

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Individual Senior Coaching

All sessions are private and confidential, and have the single purpose of supporting the executive to achieve their professional leadership goals. In this regard, the coach is solely dedicated to the executive’s needs and will act as a trusted confidant and partner in their professional development.

Team Senior Coaching

The two most important qualities of a great executive team coach are the ability to identify the root causes of critical issues and knowing the most relevant discipline and body of knowledge to apply to them. An executive group that uses the insights provided by a great coach to leverage their individual and collective effectiveness will recognise their true potential as a high performance team.