Private Equity Solutions

Investment in private companies is a process that requires caution on the side of both the investors and those who will receive the investment. AGRON Consult has a well-defined process. Moreover, AGRON Consult has a specialized team from fund accounting to custody and from depot bank services to deal introduction and execution. AGRON Consult not only helps drive performance for its private equity clients but also offers capital markets advice and Ist financial advice gemeint? Oder, dass wir Finanzierung anbieten? to Private Equity principals and their funds. The pasthasshownus…. us some patterns that can lead to positive results and even huge profits.

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Management &

Risk Management

Taking just the proper risks can be the difference between a growing business and a business going through financial difficulties.

Investment Management

Knowing how, when and what to invest in is something a little more complex than an entrepreneur can think. The experienced AGRON Consult team can assist you throughout the investment process.