Start Up Mentoring

Our mentors are experienced business people with expertise in new ventures and have an understanding of the steps needed to bring an existing start-ups to the next level or get a new business idea off the ground. Our specialists invest their time to work alongside a start-ups client for a neccesary period.  A mentor will step you through a feasibility assessment and support you to build a business plan if your idea has merit.

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Classic Mentoring

Mentors with experience in business start-ups offer guidance, act as a sounding board, test your thinking, help you to validate your idea and support you in developing a business plan. We can offer infrastructure, know how, guidance, network and all neccesary IT tools to be succesful.

In-House Management

If your business plan is already formed and active we can review, revise and recommend stepping stones to success. Our specialists were all individually succesful start-ups and know how to grow from a start-ups to a company. We are experienced in selling your idea, we have a worldwide network to support or connect you and we have done many funding rounds with investors in the past years.